Since starting this blog, I have realized that there a lot of new things that y’all miss out on because I don’t do them on Tuesdays.  And sometimes I simply cannot fit any new things into a Tuesday worth blogging about.

For instance, last Tuesday I was really excited to write about my experience in trying to “flip my classroom.”  This is where I recorded myself teaching a lesson and gave that as homework, then my students did the homework in class.  Yawn…I tried starting the post five times, and it just wasn’t working.  So it’s resolved.  New things happen on days other than Tuesdays.  I think I will call these days “Pseudo Tuesdays?”  I’m still playing around with it.

Did you know that it is fall now?  I think it just happened today.  For some reason, this drastic change in temperature caused something deep inside me to cry out for root vegetables.  Here’s what I did:

I made an onion and ricotta frittata.  And carrot ginger soup.  And roasted root veggies for good measure.

First the carrot soup:

I’m pretty sure that the immersion blender is the most kickin’ kitchen appliance there is…outside of the butane torch of course.  Can’t forget about that bad boy…


Next, I got the frittata going.  If you notice, the recipes I tried today are mostly from Joy the Baker’s website.  Her blog is most excellent.  You should go there and get lost.  I was looking for a good pumpkin recipe today and found instead a recipe for carrot soup and a frittata.  I dare you to go on there and not spend at least a half hour drooling over the delicious goodness and giggling at the wit.  So good!

Then there was the frittata:

Look at the ricotta ooze!

As if I hadn’t spent enough time chopping carrots and herbs, I thought it might be a good idea to dice some more carrots, and some beets, apples, sweet potatoes and a parsnip to roast.  Today was my first day purchasing a parsnip.  Matt went with me to the grocery store, and our normal routine is that he rings things up at the self-checkout isle as I bag.  As he pulled out the parsnip a look of confusion came over his face…”parsnip,” I yelled from the other end of the isle…”oh,” Matt said.  His culinary world was broadened today.

Had I not tried to put all of these things down the garbage disposal, my sink might not have clogged.  Another lesson learned.

But for now, I will leave the sink clogged and eat.

What a deliciously healthy meal.  Just what I need after a stressful week, and at the cusp of cold/flu season, I could use an immune boost.

Praise the Lord for fall!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a true Try Something New Tuesday.


2 thoughts on “Monday, October 29 – NEW THINGS CANNOT BE CONTAINED BY TUESDAYS!

  1. Debbie MIller says:

    Stina you could open your own restaurant………I can smell the food through the pictures…. Both healthy and delicious…….”healicious” 🙂

  2. Lana Belle says:

    your pictures, descriptions and choices of recipes are deliciously enticing! I now want to go search out Joy the Baker and read for as long as I want….we too, have pumpkin issues at our house. Bought two at the farmers market about 10 days ago, but I think the frost got to them, and they are not making it to Halloween…instead one has already been cooked and the other sits in the sink awaiting his/her turn! My Dennis loves homemade pumpkin pies but I was hoping to try something else, OR will just have to can a pint or two. A pumpkin pie from fresh pumpkin is not dark like the canned pumpkin so I describe them as custard pumpkin pies… keep intriguing us Christina – I love reading your blog…Hugs to you and yours! Aunt Lana

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